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The glory of God is the human person fully alive. - St. Irenaeus (2nd Century)

God calls us to pursue what matters most. In order to fulfill God's call, we must grow and live into our calling. Welcome to the pursuit of purpose.

We know where we are and have a sense of where we would like to go, but may be unclear on how to get there. Life can be complex. Family, relationships, career, spirituality, recreation, and health issues clash leaving us confused about what matters most. We end up living unfocused not knowing what we, or God, really want.

Obscurity happens. Perhaps you have dreams and visions but no idea how you will ever get there. Life spins out of control, and at the end of the day, you wonder if you accomplished anything.

Purpose anchors us. When we find clarity, life begins to fall into place. Clarity brings purpose into focus, giving us a sense of calling. A clear purpose empowers life.

The journey toward clarity and purpose doesn't just happen. Clarity takes effort, thought, and reflection. We may feel isolated, but we don't have to travel alone.  We were not meant to walk alone. God has given us each other for encouragement on our journey. Through community, we experience God the deepest.

I would love to connect with you and explore how a coaching relationship can help you find clarity and purpose. I have served as a pastor for over 25 years. I am trained in Spiritual Formation and non-directive coaching. If you desire a thought partner to walk with you, I'd love to talk with you. I believe I can help you realize where you are, discern where you want to be, and create a pathway to your desired destination.

Taking you to your desired destination, after all, is what a coach does. A coach is a vehicle that takes us from one place to another. I'd love to help you reach your destination. Let's talk.


What Do Others Say?

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V. J. Northern Illinois Conference

As a pastor in my first appointment, conversations with David have given me focus, grounding, and much-needed opportunities to step back and see the big picture of ministry.  I appreciate how he asks thoughtful questions that really make me pause and reflect on my calling, and I would recommend this style of coaching to anyone discerning what real partnership with God looks like.

J. M. Rio-Texas Conference
I wasn't sure what to expect when I entered into a coaching relationship with David, since I was facing some major life transitions that at the time were a bit overwhelming.  Over the past several months, David has encouraged me to explore and find answers within my own experience, while gently offering suggestions that might be helpful or useful.  I can say without reservation that this has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my professional and personal life, helping to move me from "what I thought I knew" to what God is leading me to know and experience.  Not only has my perspective changed, my comfort level with major decisions has expanded.
G. K. Indiana Conference

David has a knack for drawing out my intuitions, helping me to verbalize them, and then inviting me to intentionally formulate a plan. He is a coach that helps me to listen to my own heart and to God, and who seldom permits his own viewpoint to get in the way. David is a coach in the truest sense of the term. He summons our best qualities to the game.


I would love to connect with you and work with you to find clarity for your life and faith. If you are interested in hiring me as a coach, go here to learn about coaching.

If you would rather send me an email, you can use this contact form.


Who am I?

I am a pastor, spiritual director, and an ICF non-directive coach. I seek to help people find clarity. While I have helped congregants and others through preaching and teaching, I find non-directive coaching an effective means to help individuals create action plans which move them forward and toward their goals.

Non-directive coaching helps clients find focus, determine what they really want, and how they might get there. You are the expert of your life. The coach does not tell you what to do. The coach's role is to help you think through what you really want and create actionable steps to get there. Coaching helps individuals move from where they are to where they want to be.

I can help you understand what you really want, discover "sticking points", see options, create action plans, and move forward. I am an ICF trained and certified coach at the ACC level. Coaching will help you will find clarity, direction, and a plan.


I have been a pastor for over 25 years serving churches in Indiana. While I have always focused on spiritual formation and growth, my current focus encompasses helping churches move forward in ministry and mission.


I am a trained and ICF cerrtified ACC coach in non-directive coaching. I have also served as a Fruitful Congregation Journey facilitator of the pastor's peer-mentoring groups. Fruitful Congregation Journey (FCJ) is a renewal and revitalization program of the Indiana Conference.

Spiritual DIrector

I have a doctor of ministry degree in spiritual formation from Asbury Theological Seminary. I am also an accredited spiritual director through the Epiphany Association utilizing Father Dr. Adrian van Kaam's Formative Science and Formative Theology methodology.

Wed Designer/Programmer

I am familiar with WordPress (My preferred CMS), Drupal, and Joomla. I also know PHP, HTML, and CSS. I have a bachelor degree in computer technology from Indiana University - Purdue University at Indianapolis.