What Can I Expect?

What Can I Expect?

Growth Intentions:

As your coach, I’ll provide support, accountability, perspective, and resources for your evolving aspirations. We’ll create a growth plan including regular homework and actions steps that you are committed to carry out.


Day and time of our sessions will be mutually selected. We agree to be diligent and to be punctual for our meetings so that we’ll make the most of our time together. We’ll try not to cancel or reschedule out of respect for each other’s schedules, but if we do have to reschedule, we’ll give each other as much notice as possible. I will call you for the appointments. If I can’t reach you, I’ll try calling you again after five minutes or so.

Call Procedure:

Our appointments will be by phone unless we agree otherwise. Please find a quiet place where you won’t be distracted. Let’s try to avoid talking in the car, in public places, etc., I’ll call you on the day and time scheduled. Skype, Hangouts, Zoom, or other virtual calls can be scheduled if you prefer. Let me know your contact information if this is an option you would like to use some of the time.


Currently I am working toward my accreditation through the International Coaching Federation. I need 100 coaching hours to fulfill the ICF’s requirements. While I am working toward my 100 hours, my charge, per session is $25.


The services to be provided by the coach to the client are telephone coaching unless otherwise designated jointly with the client to meet in person or by Skype phone. While coaching is not a type of therapy, or psychological counseling, it may address specific personal issues that the client brings up. Coaching services include values clarification, education, brainstorming, identifying plans of action, examining modes of operating in life, asking clarifying questions, and making empowering requests.


The coach recognizes that certain information of a confidential manner may be shared within the coaching relationship. The coach will not, at any time either directly or indirectly, use this information for the coach’s benefit nor disclose said information to anyone else without specific approval of the client (excluding disclosure of illegal or unethical activities). Throughout the working relationship, the coach and client will engage in direct and personal conversations. The client can count on the coach to be honest and straightforward in asking questions and making requests. The client understands that the power of the coaching relationship can only be granted by the client. Therefore, the client agrees to do just that, enabling the coaching relationship to be powerful.

As your coach I promise to:

  • Enter into each meeting prayerfully and open to the Holy Spirit.
  • Work to gain your full trust by listening intently, asking clarifying questions, and keeping strict confidentiality.
  • Help you explore God’s call for you — for today and for the future.
  • Offer observations that may be helpful to you, always in respectful ways.
  • Offer knowledge and information that might be helpful.
  • Never offer “answers” unless they have been specifically requested, and even then they will be shared only after your own answers have been fully explored.
  • Commit to meeting with you (either in person or by phone)
  • Meet 40 minutes twice a month.
  • Commit to meet with you for _________ (e.g. 2 months/6 months) unless otherwise negotiated.
  • Monitor your commitment level as measured by tasks completed on time.