Why You Should Focus on Habits

Importance of Habits

“We are what we repeatedly do.” – Author, philosopher, and historian, Will Durant

The past few years have brought increased focus surrounding habits and habit formation and for good reason: Habits define us. As habits are formed, so is our behavior. A Duke University study reported that around 40% of actions are habitual. Our habits determine who we are, what we do, and set the course for our life.

Habits Save Mental Energy

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The Power of Clarity

Quiet Desperation

I wouldn’t say I had bad habits as a young pastor because I really didn’t have habits at all, at least not intentional habits. Instead, I had an image in mind of what good pastors did and tried to live up to that image, yet I was not consistent or intentional about my life. Clarity of purpose didn’t come easily.

Like many reading this, I didn’t have the luxury of a mentor or coach guiding me. Even though I went to seminary, that was for education, not direction. For the nitty gritty stuff of life, I was on my own. Instead of intentional living, I was living by trial and error and living by trial and error wears thin over time.
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How to Determine if Your Life is Off Course

Two important areas of Continual Improvement are time management and energy management. Time Management usually gets the most headlines, but energy management is more important. If we have managed our time well, but not our energy, we may have time to do something, but not the energy.

An INC Magazine article gives five ways to know if your life is more off course than you think. Most of these factors have to do with how we spend our energy. The first one, too busy to get organized, deserves to be at the top of the list. If we don’t have time or energy to get organized, whether it be our desk or day, we might not be able to move forward.

If our life is packed full and we haven’t addressed the “leaks” in our life, we may never realize our vision of who we can be or who God has called us to be. We may have multiple action plans for multiple areas of our life, but, if we can’t get major components such as health, time, relationships, environment, and organization under control, we don’t have much hope of staying on course.

You can find the article here: If You’re Too Busy for These 5 Things your Life is More off Course Than You Think

Action Steps

  • Read the Article
  • Choose one area to focus your attention
  • Determine your Next Step for that area
  • Repeat 😉